romeo and juliet- act 1 scene 2

act 1 scene 2

summary –

paris is talking to Capulet saying that he would like to marry Capulets daughter (Juliet) and Capulet is saying “but she is still so young”. Capulet is throwing a party and if paris can get juliet to fall in love with him then he’s allowed to marry her.

Capulet sends out a servant with a list of names of the people who are invited to this party but the servant can’t read so he walks around the town trying to find someone who looks wealthy that may be able to read the invites. The servant encounters Romeo and Benvolio in the street and gets Romeo to read it for him. Capulets servant says that they are welcome to come as long as they are not part of the Montague’s house. Benvolio thinks it will be good for Romeo to go because it will be a chance for Romeo to fall in love with someone new , Romeo agrees to go because Rosaline will be there.


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