Creative writing- Future dystopia

They thought moving us here would make it better and that when we got home everything would be like it was before the wave. They told us we wouldn’t be here for long ,maybe only a year or two but it’s been 10 years now and im starting to think well never go back. This universe isn’t as nice as earth, you’d think that it being a parallel it would be the same and it is mostly except there something about it that makes it seem dull. Below our feet the grass which used to be green isn’t anymore and above our heads the sky isn’t blue and the mainland is now covered in cloud. All our surroundings seems as if the colour has been drained out and sucked away by a neighboring black hole. Our Beaches are covered in sharp rocks and shells not much sand at all.  All along the roads and up the buildings are cracks, every thing is old and run down.The air is so thick that it gets caught in throat when you inhale. Outside its warm, but not the kind of warm that makes you want to go down to the beach for a swim but the kind that makes you want to sit inside by the air conditioning until night falls because only then has it cooled down enough.

It hasnt rained here in ages

Relative clause

Our old world has become a lost and lifeless ghost town


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