“I am Fortunes fool” Fate in Romeo and Juliet Question : How does Shakespeare present the hand of fate in his play Romeo and Juliet? fate noun the development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power. “fate decided his course for him” In Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, he […]

act 5 scene w scene summary place; Friar Lawrence’s cell Friar Lawrence find out that Romeo has not received his letter and he goes to Capulets vault.  

act 4 scene 3 scene summary place; Juliet’s bedroom time; Tuesday night Juliet is worried about taking the vial but drinks it anyway. ” oh look! methinks i see my cousins ghost , seeking out Romeo that did spit his body, upon a rapiers point. Stay, Tybalt, Stay! Romeo Romeo Romeo! here’s drink I drink […]

act 4 scene  2 scene summary place; Capulets house time; Tuesday afternoon The Capulets are getting ready for the wedding and Juliet promises her father that she will do what he says and will obey him. Capulet is very pleases by this and decides to move the wedding day forward.  

act 4 scene 1 scene summary place; Friar Lawrence’s cell time; Tuesday morning Paris is talking about the wedding with Friar Lawrence, Juliet comes along to talk to Friar about finding a solution to not marrying Paris. His plan is for Juliet to go to bed that night alone, before she goes to sleep she […]

act 3 scene 5 scene summary place; Juliet’s bedrooms time; very early Tuesday morning Romeo and Juliet have just slept together and Romeo is leaving juliet. the nurse warns them both that lady Capulet is coming. News that juliet must marry Paris or her farther will never want to see her again and she will […]

act 3 scene 4 scene summary late monday night , Capulets house Capulet Lady Capulet and Pairs are making plans for Paris to marry Juliet.  And the decided they will get married on thursday and only have a small wedding because Tybalt has just died.